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my partner andy proposed to me after OLIVIA performed in VERONA,ny.OLIVIA was there and approved :) i was in heaven!!!!!
Once again a VERY BIG FAN....have been for a very long time....She is the most true down to earth human being I have ever seen.....Hope to catch her in concert again soon....Take Care Shelley
this was taken in London october 2009.the first time I met Olivia but it would not be the last.
Nivea and Olivia in Rio de Janeiro during ECO '92.
With olivia May 7th 20000 Foxwoods CT.
Photo has been taken when I met Olivia in 1990 in Biarritz/France. It has been autographed later when I sent Olivia a couple of photos I made in Biarritz. Werner mueller
Me and Olivia in Milwaukee,WI. 1999! Great concert,plus I got to meet Livvy once again! She is so down to earth, and wonderful to everyone she meets. I hope I will meet her again some day! Lisa
This was taken in Australia just a few days before the Melbourne Cup (2009). Olivia is very humble and has a great smile.
We havnt met! but i would do anything to meet u livvy! im 14 years old and ever since i was 5 , i've been dreaming of the day we'll meet! ive cried in soo many occassions because ive never gotten the chance to meet u or be near u =[ ily livy
Second i met her in Toledo. She was so much fun in that day. I told her that i had waited 23 years to meet, and to meet twice in only 4 days was such an incredible thrill!!!
Me and Olivia after the show at Turning stone casino,Verona NY. the third of october 2007
Olivia and me,taken on April 23.2009 the day before my birthday...This was the best birthday gift ever! This was my second time with Olivia...She is so sweet,friendly,and down to Earth...The first time meeting her was on July 18-20,2008.I had been waiting to meet her from 6 years old.from 1973...Some things are worth waiting for.
Olivia and I. Foxwoods Casino. October 27th, 2006.
When I met Olivia in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, during ECO '92, I could realize a dream that I carried for since 1978. She's so kind and sweet! I could talk to her all the days she was in Rio. I'll never forget her! I'll love her forever! Nívea.
With Olivia Sep 3rd 1999 IL.
hi i like i of u\you bigest fan and i lon\ve your show and all of you muice i own all of you cds and all of your muice i got all you posters i own most of you clothes all the julery i ve been to all of your concets and i love i wish i could be like you and gesse what gess how my father named me after youlove ya alway olivia kinnell
November 2006 in Morristown, NJ. A dream come true!
ONJ and Musicians at the Colorado State Fairgrounds in 2004. Sorry, we couldn't get a stage pass :( Long shot with 10x lens on my Olympus. "Don't cut me down!" I loved the thoughts and the song.
L.A. Orange County 2000 Backstage...
this is Olivia in grease im only 10 but its my favorite movie Olivia if your out there email me on ebonyx10@hotmail.com please im begging you even if you just say high please you can trust me! im from australia
I took this pic of Olivia Sep24th in Mississippi ..
hi, i was named after olivia so i found this pic of when she was young and she looks so pretty n cool
From October 18,2006,Western Hall,Western Illinois University,Macomb,Illinois.This is my 7 year old daughter Sara with Olivia.
From the right: me, Olivia, Carolan and mom Beth. Lousville, 2006...I´ll never forget this moment.
This picture was taken after Olivia's concert in IN, this is my ONJ FAN license plate that Olivia had signed after the taping of Lifetime Event.
We havent meet though it has always been a dream.. Saw you at the main Event and cried mmm.. but yes always been devoted to you..Love you Livv. always will.. Your the BEST and awesome roll model ~!
Brian & Olivia 2000 CA.
i havent met the beatiful Olivia but i would do almost anything just to meet her! I been a fan since i was 9 years old, thats when i saw grease! Olivia if ur out there..i just want to say youre amazing!
Little Venus with superstar ONJ at Macao Arpil 2007
With Olivia sunmmer 1999 St.Louis Mo and with the band ..
Another dream come true, being sung to by ONJ. I don't look too happy, now, do I?
I am a Very Big Fan And Would One Day Love to Meet Olivia...Was lucky enough to attend her concert at the Ruth Eckerd Hall In St. Pete FL....Was A Wonderful Experience....She Is As Good As She Ever was....She is A timeless Masterpiece!
First time i meet her in New Brunswick,NJ. Best day of my life!
Taken in 2003 after a magnificent performance in Las Vegas, USA!
Olivia sighing a concert poster for me from that night May 7th 2000 @ Foxwoods in CT.
I met Olivia after her concert in Las Vegas in August 2003. This was a special day - I will never forget. Sometimes dreams come true!!!! Karin
Olivia & me at Waterstones, Piccadilly, London 19/04/2012
This is me with Olivia's Band!
Billy and Olivia at the beverly hills hotel dinner for austrailian chamber of commerse.....first time ever meeting Olivia !! look at the smile on my face! :)
I've met Olivia in May 1992 in Milazzo,Sicily,during her promotional tour for her GH "Back to basics".There was Chloe too,and I'll never forget that moment.
Back stage at the Grand Casino in Tunica, MS. Apr 8, 2000
I took this pic of Olivia in St.Louis MO summer 2003
I have wanted to meet Olivia for 20 years to thank her for being such a positive role model for me when I was growing up. What a wonderful experience to finally get to meet her. She is truly as humble, sincere, and thoughtful as I had always thought she

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