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If Not For You
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during my school days,beautiful songs on the radio always captures me emotionally.it tells me that this is another hit song on it,s way to the top of the charts and it is[if not for you]by olivia.uptill today i still listen to her songs.just great.

Posted By: TONY FRANCISCO of HONGKONG on 12th July 2012.

Thak´s for the music

Posted By: Emover of Mexico on 19th September 2011.

Who played guitar on the song "If Not for You"?

Posted By: barneyland of E Lansing MI on 18th December 2009.

The title cut is my favorite song of hers. It's just terrific. Period. Amazed that she was not thrilled with it. I guess it shows that singing and listening are very different, indeed. It is the song of hers that I hear the most often on the radio - by far.

Posted By: Al of Dallas, Texas, USA on 17th May 2009.

Gracias. Now I got IF NOT FOR YOU lyrics, by Olivia Newton Jhon, Thanks a lot. Buena fuente de Letras de música./

Posted By: Juan Lara of Mexico, D>F> on 21st June 2008.

Hola, por fín encontré "Me and Bobby McGee" con Olivia. Muchas Gracias. Hello, fortunatelly I found "Me and Bobby McGee" with Olivia.Thank You so much.

Posted By: Jorge Martínez Guerra of Sección 8 No 8 Ret. "D" Rio de Luz Ecatepec Méx. on 21st February 2008.


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