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If You Love Me Let Me Know
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Latest Comments:

i love this album.I am looking for the CD.Please contact at 478-258-7785.These songs are great.This CD should be released again.

Posted By: cynthia of georgia on 24th February 2012.

I have the original album, in the original album cover. If you are interested. You can e-mail me at theajo@comcast.net I have a lot of original albums, different artist etc...ONLY e-mail me if you are a serious enthusiast please! They all are in good playing condition and all are 33 1/3 - 78 albums.

Posted By: L. B. of Elizabethtow, Indiana on 21st November 2010.

If we both were born in another place and time, this moment might be ending with a kiss..but there you are with yours and here I am with mine, I guess we're just leaving it like this. This is pure and simple and you must realize that it's coming from my heart and not my head... This feeling does not come along everyday. And shouldn't blow the cahnce when you got a chance to say...I Love You. -Where else can you find a simple yet meaningful lyrics?

Posted By: Jason adriano of San Diego, California on 28th September 2010.

How can I get my hands on this album?????

Posted By: K Bloom of Northern Colorado on 4th May 2010.

the backup singer is Michael William "Mike" Sammes.I believe he passed on in 2001.

Posted By: meme of nc,usa on 29th April 2010.

Country music did not know what they had and it is there lose. This is surely a good album and one of my most favorite songs of all-time. Give us another country album

Posted By: Ronald Steele of Shelbyville, TN bedford county on 12th January 2010.

I have this album,and is in good condition,i think I mite have 2 one with no cover,i wont it on cd,I am thinking i will just have to burn it my self at this rate.

Posted By: fritz of OREGON USA on 10th December 2008.

She's got alot of MEAN songs but that has to be her MEANEST! She's up their with Loretta Lynn in my books!

Posted By: Curtis of New Zealand on 28th June 2008.

Who in the world does the backup bass vocals on this song? It's one of my favorite's and driving me crazy!

Posted By: Pam S of Arlington, TX, USA on 23rd April 2008.

Its fun to hear those good ol Strength boys playing behind you... Those old memories of you and the boys on Midnight special... dale really has great country licks... You shouyld give him a call Olivia,... hahahaha

Posted By: rich of denver Colorado on 22nd March 2008.

I used to listen to this album when I was a little girl. But somewhere, through the years I lost the album. I swear I almost wore it out. I have looked over the years to see if I could find another copy, to no aveil.

Posted By: Leia of Texas on 20th January 2008.


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