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Grace And Gratitude
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What do you think of "Grace And Gratitude"?

Latest Comments:

Olivia and All, All of my books, in my life of the Kabbalah are great, all the best sound your voice is the best energy I needed w/ songs of your music ! Thank you !!!! ❄

Posted By: Dean of Frederick, Maryland on 30th December 2012.

Olivia and All, All of my books, in my life of the Kabbalah are great, all the best sound your voice is the best energy I needed w/ songs of your music ! Thank you !!!! ❄

Posted By: Dean of Frederick, Maryland on 30th December 2012.

I would like to find the piano sheet music to this album. Can anybody help me

Posted By: Cornelia Makin of Australia on 6th January 2012.

Beautiful music which lifts the spirit and brings positive energy to the chakras. I play this often to hear its soulful messages feel its rich sounds. Thank you so much Oliva.

Posted By: Ken Sykes of Melbourne, Australia on 28th April 2011.

I purchased this cd at a local bookstore a couple years ago. When I need to relax, I always play "Grace and Gratitude". This past January, my Dad was dying in a nursing home. I had this cd with me and decided to play it for him. My Dad passed away during the song, "Pearls on a chain". I really do believe, Dad thought this song was playing in heaven. Thank you Olivia and Amy for making this cd.

Posted By: Lynn Shoger of Genoa, IL on 31st December 2010.

Thank You Olivia for this Album! Saw the concert by name Grace and Gratitute in Singapore. Olivia┬┤s records and cds have almost always been unobtainable in my country, but managed to have all of them in original (hard work sometimes!) from 1970s until the most recent 2008. I think Grace and Gratititude belongs to Olivia┬┤s best. Her voice is here so soft and clear. All songs are really touching and beuatiful. Need more of the same in the future, please!

Posted By: Harri Laine, harriklaine@hotmail.com of Finland on 4th August 2009.

This music moves my soul. It is beautiful, powerful and perfect for meditation. I would reccomend it to anyone. I have bought several for friends and family. Namaste

Posted By: L. Davis of SLC, UtT. US. on 21st February 2009.

First heard the song Grace and Gratitude on the Martha Stewart show and just loved it, so hauntingly beautiful. Unfortunately I am not able to purchase the CD in NZ as it is not being retailed down here.

Posted By: Laura Meehan of Christchurch, New Zealand on 14th February 2009.

This CD is the BEST. "Grace and Gratitude". It moves my soul and I play it constantly. Thank you for a lovely way to un-dwind and connect with my SPIRIT.

Posted By: Jill Pontiere of Stuart Fl on 1st February 2009.

This is beautiful album with soothing music and great message in the lyric. They touch me as I listen to them. Interesting this album also line up the song to different chakra. Thanks Oliver and team for this.

Posted By: Martin of Malaysia on 16th December 2008.

I was playing this cd at work one day (I am a nurse) and someone asked me who the artist was and what cd it was. It made me proud to know that someone else was also moved with the music as much as I had been. I find this cd is very inspirational, spiritual and very much therapeutic to the senses. It is a cd that I highly recommend to anyone who likes to relax, and who has gone through and/or dealt with any sort of illness (cancer) as many of us have. I personally feel that this is one of Olivia's better cd's, as it sends out such a powerful message through her lyrics. A beautiful cd from a beautiful (inside and out) lady.

Posted By: JoJo of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada on 12th September 2008.

I was in a drug store when I first heard "Grace & Gratitude" and asked around until someone was able to identify the singer & album. They were being sold with a portion of the proceeds going to breast cancer - what a fantastic way to make a contribution. I felt like I was the one receiving - a special song & a special album.

Posted By: Rose Caple of Cleveland, Ohio on 24th February 2008.

I just got Olivia┤s "Grace and Gratitude" Cd from a friend who just came back from Canada. The CD did not make it to my country as maybe it has not to many others. I can only say that when I first heard those soothing sounds my heart was thumping just to hear what Olivia┤s voice sounds like today. It was really amazing. I think she put her heart into it and it┤s one the most honest recordings I┤ve ever heard from her. Thanks Olivia for this brand new album!

Posted By: Juan Martin of Santiago, Chile on 20th November 2007.


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