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Olivia's TV special was released on home video.

First aired on television in 1981 as the "Physical Special" on ABC this video doesn't hold all that the special did when it comes to the talking part but it does hold two more video's then the tv aired version. Those being "Love Make Me Strong" and "Falling". Filmed from Olivia's home in California and Hawaii the television show featured Olivia's home and extra stuff whereas this video is simply that. The Video. 60 Minutes long, it has a nice opening, starting with Olivia on the beach and enjoying the water as did the show but it would've been really nice to see Olivia with the crystal triangle and the white robe and headband. This was pretty nice.

The DVD link brings you to the only DVD containing Physical. This actual Music Video has not been Remastered to DVD as of yet but 2005 might just bring a DVD Collection together titled "The Videos" and hopefully it will contain enough or all of these to call it it's own DVD.

The extra added bonus to this video is that fan's get to see Hopelessly Devoted by Olivia in the 80's rather than the 70's [ kind of giving fans 2 versions instead ] And of course the addition of A Little More Love Video totally different then original aired in the late 70's on VH1 and the same goes for Magic which never had a video. Not that there was a video for Devoted, but Olivia could at least be seen singing that solo- whereas the Magic song was dialogue with Jeff Beck and not really a performance.

Video tracks:

Carried Away
A Little More Love
The Promise
Love Make Me Strong
Stranger's Touch
Make A Move On Me
Silvery Rain
Hopelessly Devoted.





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