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Two of a kind

Olivia teamed up again with John Travolta, her co-star in Grease. God will destroy the world unless Olivia and John fall in love, which takes a little doing as he gets her thrown out of work by robbing the bank where she is a teller.

The Story
Comedy, Romance and Fantasy combined when two people are joined together over a bet the angels have with God.

While attempting to prove to God that there are still some decent people in the world, that he shouldn't even consider ending life on earth- the angels attempt to change his mind when they look down and quickly choose John as their example.

The man who at the moment they choose him is having his "ears" threatened by thugs he owes money to. In a panic they begin to look for others while GOD say's Nope- you wanted him now lets look again.

Taking another look to see if there is anyway that this man can make it happen, that twist of fate appears again. This time John is in a bank- holding it up.

To Make matters worse, it only shows God that there is barely a decent one left as Olivia turns around and stiffs the thief of his money and steals it herself.

Only fate could bring these two together as now God has stated they have 1 week to make these two sacrifice for one another. if Not, God wipes out the world.

The plot:
This wouldn't be such a big deal if it weren't for the Devil. At every turn he is there to see that these two do not succeed. While he battles it out with the angels, using more power then they should- God decides they cannot handle their power therefore they cannot use it anymore. Leaving these two to make the miracle happen on their own.

Two people, 3 bad guys, a set of determined angels and 24 hours on the clock. Brings John and Olivia together in this romance movie. Done only the way Olivia and John can.





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