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A Fantasy, A Musical, A Place Where Dreams Come True. The story of a girl who makes dreams come true.

The Story
When the uninspired artist Sonny Mallone played by Michael Beck gives up all hope, scraps of his last attempt to care about his art blows in the breeze and into an alley where they activate the painted wall of the Nine Sisters. With the song "I'm Alive" sung by ELO, Kira played by Olivia Newton-John and the other eight sisters come to life.

By songs end all nine sister's have been brought to life. Rising above the clouds, Kira, with a streak of yellow decends down and glides like lightening through the park. Skating up to the uninspired artist, Kira kisses Sonny and zips off quickly with the yellow glow behind her......and the Musical Fantasy begins.

The storyline unfolds as the painter returns to his job of painting album covers for record store promotions, and receives an album cover with the girl on it. Inspired once again, to find her and to duplicate the album cover to perfection- he takes a journey. In the meantime he finds Danny McGuire played by Gene Kelly. Another uninspired man, this time a 40's icon musician.

With the help of their friendship and the "Muse", both begin to see a vision of their dreams. Together as Kira leads Sonny to the place where they met, Sonny is leading Danny to the same place. When the music, dancing, costumes and cartoon effects take over- the movie becomes a musical journey and "Xanadu" is formed.

Sonny see's 80's and Danny see's 40's and as the vision comes together so does the music- Kira appears to whisper what they should call the new inspired business the two men have agreed to be partners on. With the classic line from Danny-
Danny: "Guess what you own half of, partner " ?
Sonny: "What"?
Danny: "Xanadu"
Kira: "Xanadu"

But when the times come to celebrate and enjoy the beginning of success, Kira must go. Explaining to sonny that she is only a muse and not supposed to feel emotion for him, that she was only sent to inspire, sonny shows anger and sadness. Leaving for good, she promises to love him forever and with the yellow glow once more, shoots up into the sky and leaves Sonny.

Upon telling Danny that since Kira is gone, his dream is gone Danny convinces him to go after her. Through the painted wall of the Nine Sisters, Sonny goes on his roller skates in search of Kira.

The story line wraps up when Sonny attempts to get Zuse to agree to let Kira go, that they have Muses running all over the place, but a saddened sonny is sent back to earth. The entertainment begins, as Danny roller skates to the grand opening of their club and sonny does infact appear even in Kira's absence.

Olivia performs a collage of songs including the Hit "Xanadu" and other songs at the Xanadu Premier.........

The Music

"I'm Alive" performed by ELO, is the opening song to the movie- when the nine sisters come alive.

"Magic" performed by Olivia, plays in the background as Sonny first meets Kira, in an abandoned building where she later intends to be the place to make his dreams come true.

"Whenever You're Away From Me"- sung by Olivia and Gene Kelly - shows them singing and dancing together back in the 40's - the memory comes to life and the dancing number for these two begin.

"You Made Me Love You" sung by Olivia, plays from a record as Danny remembers back but the girl has faded. Danny is spinning and holding his arms out- but the girl is gone and he is back to present days. [Not on Soundtrack- See Singles]

"Suddenly" sung by Olivia and Cliff Richard, plays in the background to Sonny and Kira's first night out rollerskating together. Special effects soar as they share a moment but when they get caught- they are chased out. Kira just so happens to bring Sonny back to the abandoned building where they met. Inspiring as a muse does- with the notion of starting there.

"Dancin'" sung by Olivia and The Tubes, begins with Sonny and Danny standing in the middle of the deserted place where Kira inspired Sonny him to go. Danny see's a fabulous 40's band and dancers playing music, horns, trumphets and the female group singing oldies tune, dressed in elegance and style while Sonny see's an 80's Rock & Roll band, screaming guitars, wild dancing. While the song flips back and forth between 40's and 80's music- the outrageous scene brings the two bands together to produce a fantastic song with both bands intwined. Convincing both, that they can infact bring their dreams to life.

"Don't Walk Away" sung by ELO, plays while Kira and Sonny celebrate the union of Xanadu. They appear in animation form, floating in the sky, swiming in the water as fish, then returning back to animated people, kissing as a flower closes with them in it.

"All Over The World" sung by ELO, plays in the background as the three of them go to the store to buy Danny clothes. Implying that he is going to need something with a bit of "Pizazz". Something with a little "Glitz", something that's "Hot" for the opening night. It's a musical number when the manicans in the window come alive. Gene Kelly dances, along with dancers, and a bit from Olivia and Michael as well. The song ends as does the scene with a private moment where Sonny tries to get close and personal with Kira.

"The Fall" sung by ELO, plays while Sonny returns to the park on rollarskates. After having been told that Kira was only sent to make Xanadu happen, that she is only a muse- who inspires and then leaves- Sonny get's talked into going after Kira by Danny, who realizes that without Kira, Sonny has no dream. Getting the courage, Sonny skates through the painted wall in hopes of reaching Kira.

"Suspended In Time" performed by Olivia, after Sonny attempts to take Kira back to earth with him, a confused muse sings after discovering she has feelings. Feelings her parents can't understand. They only know that of what they 've learned from their mortal history class.

"Xanadu" performed by Olivia, as Xanadu's grand openeing begins. Gene Kelly starts it off on rollarskates, as the dancers appear on rollarskates as well. Olivia, performs and dances this number while the skaters, and dancers put on a show of their own.

"Fool Country" performed by Olivia, in a great mixed sequence. First she appears in a little pink outfit, doing a dancing number in the form of tap. Clapping hands- smacks into an upbeat guitar rendition, with Olivia in a tight Leopard mini-skirt singing a portion of this song. Then into a cowboy twanging sound with a Mini-skirt outfit and boots up past her knees and a cowboy hat singing the rest of the song. Turning back into the original Muse outfit from the painting- Kira and the eight sisters finish the end of Xanadu and each with their glowing light- rise up to the sky. [Not on Soundtrack- See Singles]

Appearing again, as the song "Magic" plays on-Kira serves sonny a drink. As he say's thanks she begins to walk away. When Sonny stands up and say's "What a minute- I would just like to talk to you". The music plays and the credits appear. The audience is left to wonder the following question. Does she recognize Sonny? Is she the same Kira?

That's up to you to decide.... in the movie musical "Xanadu"





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