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The most successful movie musical of its time, Grease was first released on home video in the 80s.

Incredible success as a movie, as a soundtrack and spawned some hugely successful singles, Summer Nights, Hopelessly Devoted to You, You're the one that I Want. Timeless 50's high-school romance with Olivia Newton-John co-starring with upcoming star John Travolta.

Plot summary

In the summer of 1958, Danny Zuko (Travolta), leader of Rydell High School's boy gang the T-Birds, meets Sandy Olsson (Newton-John), an innocent girl from Australia, at the beach and they fall in love. When Autumn nears, Sandy must return to Australia.

However, Sandy's plans are changed and she ends up attending Rydell High as an exchange student. She meets a group of girls named the Pink Ladies and quickly befriends them. Not knowing what has happened, both Danny and Sandy let their friends know of their romantic conquest over the summer.

Eventually, Danny and Sandy are re-introduced by Betty Rizzo (Channing), the leader of the Pink Ladies, and they decide to revive their romance, but not without constant interference from the T-Birds, Pink Ladies and a rival gang, The Scorpions.

Danny and Sandy are separated again at the school dance contest. Although they arrive together, the T-Birds conspire to get Danny back together with his old girl friend and dance partner, Cha-Cha DiGregorio. They succeed and Danny and Cha-Cha go on to win the contest. Feeling betrayed, Sandy leaves the dance in disgust.

In an effort to reconcile with Sandy, Danny asks her to "be his girl" and offers her a ring. She initially accepts but then Danny tries to kiss and grope her as he feels that is what he should do with his girl. Sandy throws his ring back at him and again leaves in disgust.

But at the end of the school year graduation carnival, a new, badder looking Sandy emerges. She seems to have decided to "loosen up" in an effort to be with Danny. Meanwhile, Danny has received a letterman's sweater in track in an effort to impress Sandy. The two meet in the middle and Danny and Sandy fly off arm in arm in a shiny roadster.





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