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  • The Wilde Girls (2001)
    Mother and daughter star in their first drama together. Olivia plays a one hit wonder named Jasmine Wilde. Her daughter Izzy Wilde has a dream of making it big. Will she follow in her mother's footsteps??

  • Sordid Lives (2000)
    We become intimate with the "Sordid Lives" of a family in a small Texas town preparing for the funeral of the mother.

  • It's my party (1995)
    Eric Roberts stars in the story of a man who celebrates life as he faces death. Nick Stark is a successful architect who learns that he is about to lose his long battle against the AIDS virus.

  • A Christmas Romance (1994)
    Olivia Newton-John plays a widow with 2 young daughters living high in the mountains and facing the prospect of a bleak xmas having lost her job and with the threat of the bank taking her home through non mortgage payments.

  • A Mom For Christmas (1990)
    A young girl who wants a mom for the Christmas holidays gets her wish when a department store mannequin comes to life.

  • Two of a kind (1983)
    Olivia teamed up again with John Travolta, her co-star in Grease. God will destroy the world unless Olivia and John fall in love, which takes a little doing as he gets her thrown out of work by robbing the bank where she is a teller.

  • Xanadu (1980)
    A Fantasy, A Musical, A Place Where Dreams Come True. The story of a girl who makes dreams come true.

  • Grease (1978)
    The most successful movie musical of its time, Grease was first released on home video in the 80s.

  • The Case (1972)
    Cliff Richard is on a mission to get rid of a stolen suitcase he had found on his way to Sweeden.

  • Tommorow (1970)
    Olivia stars in her second movie with popular band sensation "The Monkees". This is a wild musical fantasy about UFOs.

  • Funny Things Happen Down Under (1965)
    Olivia stars in her movie/musicial as herself. The children are heartbroken when they lose their wool to play in. They will take anything it takes to get it back!!








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